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As a new mum-to-be, there is a lot of excitement when you hear about the pregnancy. You just know that your baby is arriving in the next 9 months and feel super happy. But, equally overwhelmed with new things that you discover as your pregnancy progresses.

The idea of Birthing Bonds came from own journey into parenthood. As expectant and new parents there is humongous information out there, a bit confusing and intimidating at the same time. What to follow, what to trust, how to get things rights are always questions on all stages of the baby growth. Pregnancy, Birth, Lactation, education, Parenting .. the list goes on. These episodes are an attempt to walk through our own experiences and point out to the support that exists in the form of other moms who are experts and passionate about this journey too.

The first few episodes focused on birthing options and lactation education for expectant mums.

Birth Home is a midwifery based birthing center based in bangalore. Started by four women Meghana, Chethana, Sneha and Shagupta, who are passionate about educating mums about their birthing choices and respecting them, care centers such as Birth Home is a great place for new mums to explore in Bangalore. In India, there is Birth Village in Cochin and one more in Hyderabad that offer the same type of midwifery care.

In the Indian scenario most of the concepts of birth that we have ingrained in our minds, is of a women screaming during birth, that labour is like a second birth for the lady, and birth is a painful process that needs a lot of medical assistance. Coupled with this is the post-birth experience of breastfeeding. With no prior information or support, combined with lots of myths surrounding supply, latching and weaning, its quite difficult for new mothers to continue breastfeeding.

With Meghana, from Birth Home, we talk about how women can opt for natural birthing, and how this can be a life altering experience for the mum, dad and the newborn. Praparing the mind and the body for the birth through childbirth education classes enables a calm and empowered birth. We talk about the myths surrounding birth and also the second birth after a first c-section (VBAC).

The next episode on Lactation, with Sapna, a lactation counsellor who has helped several mums on their breastfeeding journey. Did you know that enough supply is a question of supply and demand — the more you nurse your baby, the more the supply. Breastmilk is magical and Sapna explained how the average age of weaning is over 4 years worldwide. Lying down, sitting, standing, baby wearing – all are great postitions to feed your baby.

Do let us know what you found useful in these videos and share the links with any expectant and new parents who might need this information.

The next episodes are on mindful parenting and bonding – Babywearing and Waldorf education, you can check them here.

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