6 easy newborn photography poses for parents

Did you miss having a newborn baby photoshoot for your little one? It could be because of the lockdown or just being busy during this time! We have prepared this list of guidelines on  ‘easy newborn photography poses that you can take at home’.

You are overwhelmed with happiness and a dozen other emotions around your newborn. Everything that they do, every smile, every moment feels so precious. Capturing these newborn moments is so beautiful but these are also fleeting because you either get them within this tiny timeframe or not. Their features change so rapidly that a ‘just born’ looks quite different from a one-month old. For the new parents, this period is also a blur – its physical and emotional exhaustion and getting used to the non-existent routine. All that means is you want to remember this time too – how the baby looked and how you guys managed.

Considering safety, we have had to cancel all our newborn baby photography in Bangalore in this lockdown period. As maternity photographers in Bangalore, some of our maternity mommy clients have pinged to ask if we could guide them to create a set of newborn baby memories.

Pick up your smartphone or any camera and start clicking away with our 6 precious newborn photos you would not want to miss with your bundle of joy. If you would like some tips on maternity photography, do check out our blog on ‘Tips for a maternity photoshoot’ and the section on Maternity.

Guidelines for taking newborn photos


Safety is paramount while taking newborn pictures. Be sure to clear the shooting space of any falling objects and have clear space while taking the baby photos. Do not force the bay into any positions – hold them comfortably.

Lighting for baby pictures

Look for a window with a fair amount of natural light. Use a sheer /semi sheer curtain if you have one, else choose a time of the day when the sun is not directly falling on the window. Make sure there are no background elements which are distracting.

In case, there are any artificial lights in the background, then switch them off. We want the focus only on you and the baby.

What to wear for the newborn shoot?

Light coloured onesie for the baby and any light coloured non-distracting attire for the mom/dad. Go for solid light colours and minimal prints. Try to wear complimentary colours. Cremes, yellows, Blues, Pink work like a charm.

Idea 1: Baby in parents hand pose

We start with one of the most cherished timeless pictures, is the close-up of the mom/dad holding the baby. Frame worthy every single time!

Holding the baby:

You can stand or sit in a chair next to the window. Hold the baby comfortably as close as possible with their head on your forearm, possibly like in the pic. Hold your baby in way that the baby’s head is the highest. Position yourself towards the light so that light is streaming on the baby’s face and partially on your face.

Pose Variations:

Mom holding baby, Dad holding baby, Mom holding baby and Dad from the side. 

Idea 2: Baby and parent silhouette pose

This is one of our personal favourites and am sure many of our mommies will agree too! It makes for timeless black and white pics too

How to go about it:

The background is going to be the window itself. Stand perpendicular to the curtain as the background and take the pic.

Increase the exposure on your mobile phone/camera to overexpose the background.

Holding the baby: This is a profile picture – hence you need to hold the baby such that her profile shows clearly. Use one on both hands to support baby’s head in your palms and relax your fingers around the baby’s head. Use your chest to support the baby’s bottom as shown in the picture.

Pose Variations:

Mom or Dad holding the baby. Touching noses.Kissing the baby.

Idea 3: Individual shots of newborn baby

These head shots are completely worth the time! While it takes a professional to wrap your baby neatly, these can be achieved with a tight swaddle itself.  So this is how we go about it.

What is needed: Plain light coloured swaddle cloth; Non-crumpled, one coloured or minimal print bed cover. Light streaming from one side.

Posing the baby: Take a swaddle cloth and lay it on the bed like a diamond. Place the baby in the middle touching the diamonds top side. Cross right side of the cloth tight over the babys body with hands tucked in. Cross over the left side too over the baby. Now you will get a ‘V’ near the baby’s neck. Keep the swaddle cloth in place with your hands and ask another person to take this shot straight at baby’s face.

How to take the shot: A straight shot is what we are looking at. Make sure you are at baby’s eye level and not at nose level.

Pose variations: One during the sleeping phase and another awake face. Also try it with different swaddles and backgrounds. For girls, you can keep lot of big flowers next the babys face and for boys keep some cars. 

Idea 4: Baby’s close-up images

These details of the eyes, eyebrows, lips, feet are so beautiful at this stage. Capture some of them and create a nice collage.Have the light streaming in from one direction.

Place the baby on a favourite blanket and click a few closeups of the eyebrows, hands, tiny toes, lips etc.

Idea 5: Everyday natural moments

Simple everyday pictures are a great way to remember what you were doing during this time.. Cuddling, feeding, sleeping, cleaning, just getting exhausted.. all of this documented is a sweet memory of this time. 

Posing: you can be seated, holding the baby or baby lying down. Anything is fine!

How to take the shot: Take the shot such that light is streaming in from one side of the baby.

Pose variations: A variety of closeups are possible. Take one from slightly above the mom and baby. Just the baby’s feet. Try out various angles and see what looks nice.

Idea 6: Backlit profile of baby

This is a classic pic that looks super cute and bright on your wall. The light source is at the back of the baby and hence called a backlit pic. Lets get to how you can shoot this yourselves with a little guidance.

Posing the baby: Lay the bed spread or the carpet on your bed in front of the window light.  Place the baby on the far side of the bed, parallel to the window.

How to take the shot: Get down to the baby level and take the shot to cover the complete baby.

Pose variations: You can try one kissing the baby’s legs.

Do try out these tips and post them on facebook or tag us on instagram @littlememorybox.

Looking for further inspiration on newborn photography shoot ideas, check our Newborn section.

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